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Automotive Beadlock Conversion

OMF Performance Beadlock Conversions can be installed on nearly any wheel aluminum wheel, new or used, stock or aftermarket.  Do you have particular wheel in mind or a set of wheels that you already own? Maybe a classic wheel that is no longer available?  Here at OMF Performance we have built beadlock conversions that have seen many miles on Dragsters and Pre-Runners, all the way up to Trophy Trucks and Dual Purpose Desert vehicles. Our beadlocks have been tested and tortured through the roughest terrain on the planet, including the wide open trails of Baja, the rocks of the Rubicon, the ever changing terrain of the Dakar Rally, and to the far reaches of Iceland. Not to mention helping our troops on the battlefields of Kuwait, Afganistan, and Iraq.

Our beadlocks are available in 15”, 16”, 17”, 18” and 20" sizes for most aluminum rims. Just like all of our other beadlocks, we offer these conversions in our Conventional, Scalloped, Phaze 5, Phaze 6, Phaze 7, Phaze 8, Phaze 10, Rocklite, Rocklite XP, Super Lite Drain, or Innov8 Racing designed TechLite style.  All of those styles can be ordered in our standard 3/8" thickness, or our upgraded 1/2" thick Flush Mount version to keep your beadlock hardware safely protected from rock rash.  Available in a variety of powder coated colors.

Pricing starts at:

  • 15" - $299.95 each
  • 16" - $319.95 each
  • 17" - $329.95 each
  • 18" - $399.95 each
  • 20" - $469.95 each

We can also provide you with a new wheel complete with our conversion.  We sell Icon Alloys, Stealth Custom Series, American Racing, KMC, Fuel Offroad, Method, Raceline, Trailready, and Ion Alloys wheels.  


Raw, Brushed, Polished, Matte Black, Gloss, Texture Black, Gloss White, Pearl White, Anthracite, Texture Anthracite, Super Chrome, RAL7000 Grey, Candy Blue, Lollypop Blue, Bengal Blue, Polaris Blue, Polaris Indian Sky Blue, Azure Blue, Cardinal BL05 Blue, Candy Red, Rancher Red, Bengal Red, Polaris Indy Red, Bright Red, Candy Purple, Sassy Pink, Candy Gold, Trans Copper 2, Bronze Chrome, C33 Bronze, KTM Orange, Lollypop Tangelo, Bengal Yellow, Shocker Yellow/Coolant Green, Candy Lime Green, Polaris Lime Squeeze, Kawi Green, Psycho Green

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