Dragster/15 Inch Beadlock Conversion/15


OMF Performance 15" beadlock conversions are a great way to take your existing wheels to the next level.  Multiple style and finish options are available to get you a unique look and set your ride apart while providing the safety and security of a beadlock. 

  • Conventional beadlock – Tried and true, our standard beadlock that is the least expensive (Starting at $319.95 each installed) and also our heaviest beadlock of the bunch at 5.5 lbs each.
  • Drag Lock – Basically just a Conventional lock with a bigger inside diameter, same cost as a conventional, slightly less weight at 4.8 lbs each, most commonly used on the inside edge of the wheel for additional brake caliper clearance.  Starting at $319.95 each installed.
  • Super Lite Lock – Visually and dimensionally the same as the Drag Lock, with additional machined pockets to lighten the beadlock up.  Starting at $359.95 each installed, 3.93 lbs each.
  • Super Lite Drain Lock – This one is pretty self explanatory, it’s designed to let water and other debris drain out from behind the beadlock.  This one is a bit more common on our offroad wheels, but still a find candidate for a drag race application.  Starting at $359.95 each and 4.53 lbs each.
  • Straightline Series Lock – This is the lightest weight beadlock that we offer at 3.37 lbs each, cost starts at $359.95 each installed.  This is our most common drag race beadlock and is offered with a variety of finishing options.


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Powder Coated

Powder Coated and Highlighted (Super Lite Drain and Straightline Series only)

Powder Coat Color Choices: Matte Black, Gloss, Texture Black, Gloss White, Pearl White, Anthracite, Texture Anthracite, Super Chrome, RAL7000 Grey, Candy Blue, Lollypop Blue, Bengal Blue, Polaris Blue, Polaris Indian Sky Blue, Azure Blue, Cardinal BL05 Blue, Candy Red, Rancher Red, Bengal Red, Polaris Indy Red, Bright Red, Candy Purple, Sassy Pink, Candy Gold, Trans Copper 2, Bronze Chrome, C33 Bronze, KTM Orange, Lollypop Tangelo, Bengal Yellow, Shocker Yellow/Coolant Green, Candy Lime Green, Polaris Lime Squeeze, Kawi Green, Psycho Green

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