What is a Beadlock

Simply put, a beadlock is a mechanical fastening device that literally clamps the tire's bead bundle onto the wheel rim using mechanical force rather than air pressure. It holds the bead bundle firmly in place even under extremely low air pressure. This is done by machining off the outer lip of the rim and welding on an inner beadlock ring. An outer beadlock clamp ring is than bolted to the inner ring, clamping the tire’s bead bundle between the two halves of the beadlock. Once this is done, it is nearly impossible for the tire to become de-beaded from the rim. Should the tire go flat from a puncture or sidewall cut, it will remain in place and not de-bead, which in most cases will allow you to still maintain control of the vehicle and often times get you back to your camp or pit.

Why Do I Need a Beadlock

In many recreational and racing applications, it is beneficial to lower the air pressure in the tires. Lowering the air pressure will cause the contact patch area (bottom, flat part of the tire) also known as the “footprint” to become wider and larger. This will provide you with better traction, floatation, control and a softer ride. However, without a beadlock, lowering the air pressure to much increases the chance of popping a tire bead which will in turn cause the tire to deflate and possibly peal off the rim. This is known as De-beading. De-beading is a common problem for a wheel utilizing low air pressure without a beadlock.

Aside from the obvious performance benefits of a beadlock, a beadlock also gives you a little added assurance for when you are out on the trail. If you suffer a flat tire and you do not have a spare, a beadlocked rim will help hold the tire on the rim so you can limp your vehicle to a place where you can get help.

For drag racing, beadlocks are extremely useful because they will help keep the rim from spinning inside the tire and they have been known to “stiffen” up the sidewall of the tire. This means more traction and more power to the ground.

Why Choose an OMF Performance Beadlock

As with most of our competitors, OMF Performance offers the experience, technology, design, quality, detail & innovation to make a high quality beadlock. However, what OMF offers above ALL of our competitors is CUSTOMER CARE. We sincerely care about the performance of your vehicle, your needs, and your overall satisfaction with our products. We know you have a choice in manufactures and we encourage you do your research and choose the product that best fits your needs. If you need additional information or assistance, please feel free to give us a call. We will gladly provide you with the customer service you deserve.

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